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Buffalo RAID Data Recovery Services

Buffalo Technology is amongst the best developers of NAS, RAID, and other server technologies in the world, and was one of the very first tech companies to introduce affordable versions of such system types for home and small office computers. Buffalo Technology’s products are consistently reviewed, and the comments are generally positive.

Their products offer great redundancy, meaning that data loss is not likely to happen. However, like any other product, there comes a time when things like power surges, user error or drive failure could lead to data being inaccessible, and data recovery are needed.

Buffalo’s TeraStation Recovery Process

The recovery process of your Buffalo system may take several paths depending on the type of system you have, and the process is usually handled in one of our labs. Once all of your hard drives have been duplicated, one of our RAID specialists will then start working on "de-striping" the disks. "De-striping" is a term we use to describe the process of taking data out of its array state and transferring it into a single file or volume.

Remote Recovery Options

Due to the high levels of complexity involved, the recovery of most Buffalo LLC cases is done on site. And this is generally the case when a hard drive’s failure leads to loss of data. Furthermore, trying to recover data from any Linux-based NAS devices without first creating block-to-block clones of each drive installed in the device can be dangerous.

Irrespective of whether the data recovery process is performed remotely or in-lab, we strive to ensure that the whole process is as non-destructive as possible.

Give us a call at 0800 999 3282 in order to request more information or start your case.


Buffalo Terastation Error Codes

NAS and RAID devices made by Buffalo often display error codes through an LED light panel situated at the front of the devices. The LED lights may show several long blinks followed by a couple of short blinks to indicate the type of error the device has detected.

It is important to note that when a Buffalo device displays an error message, often data recovery will be necessary – however, it depends on how severe the problem causing the error is. For example, Buffalo devices experiencing an E15 error means that more than one of the disks installed in the device have failed; and depending on the redundancy level of the device, this could result in severe data loss, and recovery of data from the failed disk might be necessary. Another error similar to this one is the E16 error. This error indicates that more than one hard drive in the device cannot be found – the most common cause of this error is the full failure of a disk’s electronics board. Other Buffalo devices error messages that may indicate data loss include E04, E12, E17, E21, and E22.

Buffalo devices (Buffalo Terastation NAS devices in particular) also display on-screen codes to point out errors. For instance, "An error in one of your RAID Arrays has been detected" may be displayed on most Buffalo Linkstation RAID devices when data can’t be read, and the array can’t be properly initiated. This error message is normally displayed on the software accompanying a Buffalo RAID array. The error may also state "Error has occurred in a RAID array" before showing the number of the specific array that cannot be read.

When your Buffalo device displays either one of these messages, the probability of having all your data recovered is quite high as Buffalo storage devices and servers are designed to prevent against permanent loss of data. However, it is important that you switch off your Buffalo device immediately you see such errors and get in touch with professional data recovery technician as soon as possible. This is because most hard drive-related issues tend to worsen as the device attempts to operate as usual.

Buffalo Terastation Failure Modes

While Buffalo’s NAS, and other server devices are amongst some of the best and most reliable products in the market today, they too, like any other electronic appliance/device, fail sometimes. Buffalo Terastation NAS devices may fail or lose data because of either one of the following issues:

  • Hardware or firmware failure
  • Hard disk failure
  • User errors like NAS re-configuration
  • Firmware or hardware failure
  • Disconnection during firmware update
  • Power surges or disruption

In almost all of the cases mentioned above, it's entirely possible to have all the data recovered. With a 97% in-lab recovery success rate, we guarantee our clients the full restoration of almost all of their data most, if not all, of the time. The great thing about Buffalo devices is that they can support different storage configurations. This presents end-users different recovery chances and data protection levels after NAS failure. Known as Multi-Part Storage, each drive is allocated its own dedicated file system that's mounted under one dedicated 'share' folder. As such, when a single drive fails, the failure only leads to loss in a single 'share' folder.

  • RAID 5: RAID 5 is the default and most popular setup for most terastations. Data in this system is distributed across all drives installed using backward parity rotation – a configuration that is relatively fast. However, space equal to single drive's capacity is lost. Often, the unit will continue working in degraded mode even after a single drive fails, unless the drive itself causes power supply failure in the unit.
  • JBOD: In JBOD's data is spanned along all drives. This way storage capacity is capitalized on while performance is optimized. Some Buffalo devices have this configuration as their default setup.
  • RAID 0: In RAID 0 servers, data is evenly distributed across all disks. This configuration is the best-performing at maximum capacity. However, a single drive's failure will result in the loss of all the data. Because of this, this option is not that common. Nonetheless, it still is quite commonly used.
  • RAID 10/0+1: Under this option, two stripes are mirrored. While this setup provides great speeds, the flip side is that it operates at half of the storage capacity. As such, it is rarely used on Buffalo TeraStation devices.

As mentioned earlier, the chances of successful data recovery are increased if the faulty device is shut down once errors are detected. Get in touch with a professional data recovery technician at 0800 999 3282 now for reliable recovery solutions. Before contacting any professional, it is advisable that you gather as much information about your device and some of the symptoms it exhibited before and after the failure. By providing us this information during the initial call, you make it easier for our technicians to assess your situation so that they can determine if remote data recovery is possible and what steps need to be taken. Call 0800 999 3282 now for a free consultation.


If your Buffalo server fails, contact our team of experts at 0800 999 3282 for immediate help and assistance

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The hard drive failed on my MacBook Pro. Applestore advised they couldn’t recover the data when they fixed the laptop, and that the data would be lost (including my photos that had not been backed up). I described the issue with R3 by phone, and they were confident they could recover the data and confirmed the cost. It took just 16 hours from registering with R3 that I wanted them to look at the failed drive, to being notified what data had been recovered. I was kept informed of progress throughout, and all my files were recovered.

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