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Cisco Server Data & Disaster Recovery

Professional Data Recovery Services For Cisco RAID Servers

Cisco offers a variety of RAID devices and controllers, but the company is most often associated with NAS data storage and communications servers. The NAS devices from Cisco offer reliable and flexible storage with RAID protection that is well-implemented. However, like any other storage system, failure can occur and under certain circumstances data can be lost.

A majority of Cisco devices can use 5, 6, 10 or other kinds of redundant RAID configurations. A number of the company's devices in the NSS series, for example, use RAID 5 as their default in order to provide a high capacity and reliability at an affordable cost. However, system administrators might not ever have the opportunity for swapping out multiple hard drives that have failed, or logical volume might be wiped out by a RAID re-initialization.

Common Reasons for Data Loss on Cisco Servers:

  • RAID Rebuild Procedure Failures
  • Operating System and Software Failures
  • File Changes And Accidental Overwrites and Deletions
  • RAID Controller Failures and Electronic Issues
  • Simultaneous Multiple Hard Drive Failures

To recover data following a server failure, you need an experienced Cisco specialist. R3 Data Recovery has been able to maintain the highest success rates on their RAID data recovery services. Our engineers possess the expertise and knowledge for helping you get a plan crated for your server.

Give us a call at 0800 999 3282 for more information regarding our RAID data recovery services or to get an evaluation set up for your Cisco system.


What To Do When You Have A Cisco RAID Server Failure

RAID failures are quite rare. However, no RAID level provides a data backup substitute that is suitable. If access to your mission-critical files is lost, immediate action needs to be taken to avoid the data loss being permanent.

Whenever you notice data loss symptoms, turn off your device. Don't try rebuilding a Cisco RAID that has failed, and don't ever try reinitializing the RAID, particularly if any errors are shown on your device aside the message of a general drive failure. Don't ever run any kind of file utilities; that includes disks utilities, which on some types of damaged RAID systems may cause serious corruption.

Call a reliable data recovery company as soon as you can. R3 Data Recovery offers a risk-free diagnostics to our clients in need of Cisco server data recovery, as well as turnaround estimates, quick price quotes and other important information.

How To Find A Reputable Cisco RAID Recovery Specialist

RAID data recovery is what we specialize in here at R3 Data Recovery. Our engineers have many years of experience working with all of the various Cisco RAID systems.

WE provide dependable and fast RAID repair services on the NSS series mentioned above, in addition to the UCS series and other Cisco RAIDs, no matter how many hard drives the RAID has, failure scenario or file system. Another thing we offer are flexible turnaround options, which include our 24/7/365 fast emergency recovery services for Cisco RAID data.

Other reasons for utilizing R3 Data Recovery:

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Services and Experienced Engineering Staff
  • Specialized RAID Recovery Technology and Proprietary File Utilities
  • Certified ISO 3 Cleanroom Providing Safe Treatment
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Guaranteed Results With Our Fast Cisco Data Recovery Services

R3 Data Recovery is here to assist you whenever you need secure, reliable and fast Cisco server data recovery. The excellent security credential that we offer means you can rest assured your data will remain confidential throughout the entire process.

If your Cisco server fails, contact our team of experts at 0800 999 3282 for immediate help and assistance

What Our Customers Say About Us

My RAID 5 server got severely corrupted by windows checkdisk.

R3 data recovery did their best to recover the data and got a lot of files back for me - but a lot was also lost. I doubt anyone else would have managed to do more so better than I feared (rather than better than expected).

R3 are very organised and efficient and provide pretty much 24/7 support. They will show you exactly what they can recover before you have to pay up. Data returned on a USB drive with the original drive delivered back to you in "as received" condition - all included in the "more than I'd hoped but less than I'd feared" cost.

My advice if you have a drive crash is touch nothing and get it to R3; then stand back and let them do the job.. They are totally trustworthy and you won't be ripped off.

Nick Arran - Derby

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