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Government Cloud Competitive Tendering - Why Police NHS, Government And MOD Contractors Need Team R3

R3 Data Recovery - The UKs Best Value Highest Success Rate Server SAN NAS Computer VM and Laptop Data Recovery Services

Competitive tendering / best value contracts are affected by the "piggy back" effect and cash-flow reliance of private contractors. These "vetted" contractors rely on the majority of their cash flow from government contracts and charge a premium to normal commercial one off engagements or a contract price for being retained.

We saw how this affected Carillion and Key Forensics services along with other effectively sub contractors to the tendering process and other private finance initiatives.

We need a procurement system for small specialist disaster companies not just those providing "forensic" services.

Various legal, health, ministerial and government departments need 12-72hr reaction times or sometimes turnaround to ensure continuity and minimize the impact of data loss / inaccessibility.

R3 Data Recovery Specialists in developing expert solutions to uniquely complex storage device failure.

Supporting Government, Corporate, Infrastructure and Industry at every level.

Helping Individuals and SMEs. Teachers and Students. Schools and Universities.

Vets, Dentists, Architects, Engineers, Hospital Trusts, Videographers, Photographers. Designers. Engineers, Professors. Managers, HR Departments

IT Support. Disaster Recovery. Data Centres. Server Farms. Cloud Hosting and Backup.

Niche specialists like R3 Data Recovery are not part of the established wider procurement, marketing or contracting organisations. R3 has higher success rates for data and disaster recovery than the market leaders who have bought into the government supply chain in various ways over more than a decade.

R3 are used by GCloud cleared, List-X contractors and Procurement but often in a chain that can add 30 to 500% to the supplier cost on invoicing, and worse adding time delays and sometimes irreversible interference which can damage the quality of the recovery.

Lets be clear - when a 20 or 100 person government level disaster recovery team with guaranteed finances cannot deliver a recovery in days, weeks or months it needs to know it can turn to R3 Data Recovery, it must also pay accordingly a commercial rate for unique skills at short notice not retained under a support contract.

30, 60 or even 90 day payment terms which often add cost and delays can destroy small companies and the procurement system does not help.

R3 Data Recovery has teams that are engaged by banks, insurance companies, manufacturers, industrial production and every type of data storing individual or organisation who need a commercial and fast solution.

R3 are called when "National Scale" disasters of storage hardware cannot be handled even by the Manufacturers of hard drives or storage architecture even though technically it is a minnow in a small fishbowl with a few "golden fish".

The highest success rates for data recovery in Britain are from R3 Data Recovery, we provide services to many organisations throughout Britain, Europe and Worldwide that have found us through recommendation when others have failed or from using R3 to test their GDPR updated disaster recovery / data protection policies.

R3 often effectively "bail out" those who have been unable to find a solution to their data loss. It also means we are often the last in a long list of suppliers and data protection procedures.

R3 do not advertise who we work for on our websites. We are located on a secure site with 24/7/365 manned security. We routinely have servers and drives brought in for recovery under guard, NDA.

A News black out is often a requirement for UK, EU and US security cleared companies as well as data protection protocols.

Many of the situations R3 see are not publicised or common knowledge and therefor unseen by press, TV or even our own article or public posts. Some of the largest disasters in past years in the UK and Europe were handled by R3 in terms of data quantity and value ranges.

Those who visit the Security House lab often describe it as an old military base. In reality it is a secure compound and base of operations for a number of companies that supply to government and commercial organisations. R3 are often called upon for the most complex and difficult to manage disasters, this service is again at a premium and reflects the level of security and expertise required.

R3 bread and butter commercial work is from individuals and SMEs but a growing proportion is for organisations who already believe they have "cloud based" offsite data backup. From a 3TB drive with dozens of virtual servers, to SAN with 20TB to 1500TB of VMs, data stores affecting sometimes 10,000s of users and hundreds of millions of files, R3 do them all.

What we do see though is that the GCloud procurement system is flawed when police Hi Tech Crime units, NHS departments and MOD contractors have to get a second opinion to their PFI disaster recovery organisation. To have to look for a data recovery company using the web is dangerous. Be sure to build R3 into the data protection and disaster recovery plan.

If an ISO 9001 / 17025 accredited company advertising £27 data recovery is one of 3 quotes selected from online it can be at great risk to the data. Many computer forensic data recovery specialists are geared for eDiscovery reporting of working systems. Even if they have some engineering capability it does not mean they have the success rates they claim or their reports are worth the template document they are written on.

Worse one company has 3 brand adverts and therefor can give 3 separate quotes to "win" the work despite their reviews and capabilities being falsified.

Data recovery of failed, failing or compromised systems is not the same as computer forensics eDiscovery. The engineering level skills and expertise is not about the software or equipment alone or an ISO certification it is about the success rates and these are not published, moreover the failures are not publicised.

R3 recover what is deemed unrecoverable by ISO 9001 certified companies "litigation consultants to police forces" computer forensic data recovery services.

It is not a guarantee but R3 have for the last 5 years been able to recover SAN, NAS, HDD, SSD more quickly and in real terms much cheaper than the incumbent services.

What does happen when a fake technical report describes a recovery impossible is R3 can recover the data and show that the report is actually not just a mistake but is a template geared to secure a profit and cover up a much wider problem in DR- outsourcing / procurement.

Companies processing work in Thailand, Bridgend Wales and various European locations may appear and sound professional but have operated in a way which undersell the services and sell fake reports for more profit than the recovery.

Who will pay for a second opinion after already losing weeks or months and thousands or even tens of thousands in the process?

Just because a company website claims to work for Police Forces does not mean they are any good commercially although they are often very profitable making £millions for their owners.

Conversely focusing on providing services to police forces / gov departments etc can result in a recruitment and financing problem when budgets are cut or procurement cannot understand that low priced data recovery is not the right way to go.

If you are in procurement for computer forensics services to government departments be sure to have R3 Data Recovery as your engineering level reserve. Many organisations, Public Limited companies, Industrial Production and IT Support services / departments already do.

What Our Customers Say About Us

OMG I don't even know where to start! I lost all the pictures on my SD card as the card wouldn't mount and these guys were brilliant. Not only did they respond straight away to my enquiry (10:20 pm on a Friday night) they had someone at my house to collect the card at 10am the next day with a text message waiting for me at 14:00 that same day telling me that they had managed to recover all the data and that I would be able to download it from them that very night!

No hidden costs, super professional and they kept me in the loop the whole time. Thank you so much guys, I will be recommending you to everyone and anyone who needs help with their technology.

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