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How Precious Is Your Data And How Precious Is It To Others?

This is a very good question, it can seem obvious, but it is not always the case.

A few days ago we received a portable Samsung drive that had already been to another data recovery company.

They had managed to recover a few GB of data only, out of an amount roughly the size of 1 TB.

The customer was in a state of desperation, mainly because the drive stored the final experiments and results of her important research work, which she had been collating for numerous years.

After some days of very intensive work, we were very glad that we were finally able to put a great smile on her face again as a result of recovering her important data.

We are not writing this article to emphasize our tech skills (well, not only for that) but to make a reflection on how data recovery companies satisfy their mission of doing what is required of them by the customer and simultaneously allowing their customers life’s to continue in a positive way and not in a state of desperation or panic as a consequence of their lost data.

Quite often we see that some of our competitors could have had the necessary skills to do the job too but they simply gave up, ultimately from their perspective it required too much effort, spare parts and, above all, time for the quoted price.

Which raises the question, how can you help people in such situations, unless by charging them with incredible prices?

If you care about your customers, you will consider them as people, not numbers. We talked to the customer, spent time with her, understanding how the data was arranged and what was the purpose of each file type; we managed to build a list of most important and vital files for her, choosing between the different copies and types. As result, we were able to cut off a huge amount of unnecessary sectors and focus our efforts on cloning the important data chains only.

So to conclude, tech skills are not only the essential tool in data recovery, by establishing a good interaction with the customer we managed to do the job and give some serenity to another happy R3 Customer.

R3 Data Recovery is real lab that deals with real disasters each an every day. If you have any sort of problem with a hard drive or any data storage device, we are the people to contact. Call us today on 0800 999 3282 for immediate help and assistance.

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An external hard drive had failed at a critical time and there was potential loss of an extensive photo collection. The drive was sent to R3 who quickly were able to recover the data with a minimum loss of data and transfer to a new hard drive. Although the cost is not cheap I am pleased to recommend the service provided.

Brian Hargreaves

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