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IBM AS/400 RAID Server Data Recovery

Professional Data Recovery Services For IBM AS/400 RAID Systems

Here at R3, we offer industry leading, state of the art data recovery services for AS/400 RAID systems throughout the entire country. We regularly repair this sort of system, and our team of data recovery and RAID repair specialists offer you a wide array of services that are effective and secure.

AS/400 RAID servers are known for being highly secure, which makes them excellent servers for sensitive databases or e-mail archives. However, like any other RAID system or pieces of hardware in general, an AS/400 device may fail under certain circumstances.

Even thought AS/400 system feature dedicated ports which will notify the server owner or the manufacturer when it encounters a failure, a number of business don't use this type of port due to limited resources. Simultaneous HD failures on such systems may result in users losing access to critical pieces of information stored on the device.

The Most Common Causes Of Data Loss

  • User error, such as accidental deletion
  • Physical or electronic damage to the RAID controller
  • Damage resulting from use of malicious software
  • General errors in the operating system or other pieces of software
  • Failure on RAID Rebuilds

AS/400 HDs tend to have a proprietary interface - basically, this means in order to perform recovery on such devices when they fail, an engineer will need a specialized recovery station along with a large library of compatible drive parts. Here at R3, our team has serviced dozens of AS/400 drivers, developing a highly specialized system to repair electronics and damaged components, or reprogram their firmware.

We are also thoroughly familiar with how the AS/400 handles data, along with its control language commands, which allows us to make sure the recovered data is valid. We provide our customers with a risk-free diagnosis for standard recovery services, and we provide a 'No recovery, no charge' guarantee which will make sure you won't have to worry about spending money on unsuccessful attempts.

Give us a call at 0800 999 3282 in order to request more information or start your case.


What Should You Do If Your AS/400 System Fails

Do not try to rebuild a damaged system should you notice unusual symptoms. Failure in rebuilding may overwrite important data, and greatly reduce the possibility of a full recovery later on. Keep your AS/400 drive powered off, and you'll be able to maintain the data in its original condition, making it easier to retrieve.

Here at R3, we employ engineers who have plenty of experience with AIX, Linux, IBM along with other types of systems an AS/400 may use. Throughout the last years, we have specialized in every single AS/400 model, along with the iSeries and IBM Power Systems.

We have plenty of experiences working even with the older system, such as the 720, 730, 740, 150 and 170. We proudly feature success rates higher than any other data recovery company on IBM devices. After we finish evaluating the system, we'll be able to provide a precise turnaround estimate, along with a risk-free price quote. Our flexible service options will make it easier for you to get exactly what you need, and get your damaged system back to working condition.

Your Best Choice For Data Recovery On AS/400 RAID Drives

AS/400 RAID servers offer amazing security advantages, and a variety of business utilize such systems in order to comply with regulations such as the HIPAA along with the GLBA. Such systems are very popular for database and email storage, which can be sensitive applications for business. If your business utilizes such drives, it's certain that you'll need to hire a great data recovery company, which features highly advanced security controls and plenty of relevant experience.

At R3, we offer the best success rates for AS/400 RAID drives. We provide our clients 24/7/365 emergency services which will minimize your downtime as much as possible, even if you're facing an unexpected failure overnight on a holiday or weekend, and we offer security credentials which will help maintain compliance as you restore your RAID drives. In order to request more information or get started on your AS/400 recovery, take a look at our online resources or talk to one of our engineers on 0800 999 3282.


If your AS/400 RAID server fails, contact our team of experts at 0800 999 3282 for immediate help and assistance

What Our Customers Say About Us

Never have I experienced a company that cared about the customer more than R3 Data Recovery. They have been helpful and friendly from the very first inquiry I made, everyone I talked to being that perfect blend of informative, understanding and helpful.

I truly felt like everyone I talked to was giving me 100% of their time and effort and they wanted to fix the drive as much as I wanted it back. Any bad news they relayed was quickly followed up by potential solutions that they wanted to do.

I had complete faith in everyone involved and I am eternally grateful that I chose R3 Data Recovery. I cannot recommend them enough if you have any kind of drive failure.

Gemma S

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