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Micro SD Card Data Recovery

Professional Data Recovery Services For Corrupted, Formatted or Deleted SD and Micro SD Cards.

The chances of recovering lost data from a filed micro SD Card firstly depends on how the device has failed; Micro SD Cards that have been physically damaged by being snapped or cracked cannot generally be recovered (except in very rare and fortunate circumstances where the damage does not effect the flash memory), with this type of of failure there is no way to get the data back unfortunately. If the card is seemingly normal to look at and the card appears to be failed through no physical trauma there is more of a chance.

Failed Micro SD Card

How Do They Work?

Micro SD cards employ the same type of flash technology as standard SD Cards, however in some cases there is no way to access the storage area of the device.

My Card Is Not Physically Damaged

If the card has not been physically damaged the first thing to check is the underside of the device. To enable us or another data recovery company with the relevant skills and hardware, the card needs to have accessible pinouts to allow any attempt to gain direct access to the data area. These pinouts are configured in many ways depending on each individual brand and family of card but the pins are always circular and set in rows. Sometimes the pinouts are very clear or in other instances the pins can be underneath the surface.

Can I Do Anything?

After identifying if the device has the necessary pinouts not without very specialist hardware and technical experience.

R3 Data Recovery is real lab that deals with real disasters each an every day. If you have any sort of problem with a micro SD card or any data storage device, we are the people to contact. Call us today on 0800 999 3282 for immediate help and assistance.

I Cannot See Any Of These Pins, Does That Mean My You Wont Be Able To Do Anything?

Unfortunately there is no definitive answer that will answer this question for several reasons:

  • This technology is also emerging and the recovery from such devices is also constantly emerging as a result.
  • There are some devices which have their pin outs masked, for example some devices have their pin outs covered by a simple sticker link
  • Some pinouts are covered by the resin the device is coated in and can be difficult to see unless under certain lighting conditions.

I Have Read That Software Can Help

This is very much a myth. Devices such as this fail in many ways but when they fail in this manner no software whether free or licensed at a fee will be able to regain access to the data.

How Do You Get My Data Back?

As stated above companies with the relevant experience are able to firstly determine for certain if the pin outs are accessible and useable and secondly are able to use these pins to create customised rigs to allow the storage area to be accessed. The creation of these rigs tends to be unique with the pin outs varying for different devices and manufacturers.

At the point where access to the storage area has been regained is the point where the real recovery work begins, when a successful copy of the data area has been created we can then interrogate the data and effectively rebuild the data into a useable format.

If you'd like to learn more or speak directly with our engineers, please call us at 0800 999 3282

What Our Customers Say About Us

Never have I experienced a company that cared about the customer more than R3 Data Recovery. They have been helpful and friendly from the very first inquiry I made, everyone I talked to being that perfect blend of informative, understanding and helpful.

I truly felt like everyone I talked to was giving me 100% of their time and effort and they wanted to fix the drive as much as I wanted it back. Any bad news they relayed was quickly followed up by potential solutions that they wanted to do.

I had complete faith in everyone involved and I am eternally grateful that I chose R3 Data Recovery. I cannot recommend them enough if you have any kind of drive failure.

Gemma S

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