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Microsoft Hyper-V Data & Disaster Recovery

Professional Data Recovery Services for Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization

R3 offers a set of specialized data recovery services along with media repair options for the MS Hyper-V systems.

This is a platform that powers countless major virtual servers, being a flexible and powerful product. Microsoft put into place a number of data protection and security features with Hyper-V and additional RAID protection. Together, it offers extremely reliable set up of virtual machines.

Administrators usually set up Hyper-V with RAID 5, RAID 6 or RAID 10 protection. These are techniques that help to protect data via redundancy. However, user error along with Mechanical HDD failures and other events could lead to a MS Hyper-V losing data. Once your RAID fails, you nee to look for an established and reliable data recovery company that has experience with virtualization and Hyper-V systems.

Maybe you need to work on recovering a virtual server that is corrupt or there is RAID hardware that has been physically damage. R3 is going to give you a great opportunity to restore your system quickly and efficiently. We provide diagnostics risk free for MS Hyper-V RAID services for data recovery and we never charge if we are not able to complete the recovery, so you are protected in every instance.

Give us a call at 0800 999 3282 for more information regarding our RAID data recovery services or to get an evaluation set up for your MS Hyper-V system.

MS Hyper-V Data Recovery Advanced Solutions

With R3, you are going to get nothing but the best in Hyper-V RAID data recovery. Being one of the first companies involved in data recovery to offer virtual server services, we work to consistently offer nothing but the best turnaround time and great success rates for all sizes of Hyper-V systems.

Data loss scenarios we work with include:

  • Accidental deletion of files, formatting or other user errors
  • Failures of hardware and issues with controller card
  • Operating system and software failures
  • Corrupt data
  • A failed RAID rebuild for physical hardware

R3 is known as being the only recovery company in the UK who offer 24/7 emergency services 365 days a year. Most all Hyper-V failure will be an emergency and all of our engineers know that the fast turnaround is crucial. With our working knowledge of RAID and Hyper-V platform, we have the ability to recover most all cases at an emergency level in about two days or less.

What Do You Do When You Lose Data?

If you find that your MS Hyper-V system goes into failure, you need to contact the data recovery team immediately. Never attempt to repair your physically damaged media or work to reinitialize or rebuild your array. When you turn your system off, you can cut down on your chance of having data loss that is permanent.

We will evaluate your media using physical analysis and an assessment of the Windows system and the event log if it is available. The engineers will go through and give you a full report that includes an estimated price for recovery as well as turn around time. Once you approve the quote, our specialists will work to perform repairs and provide a working copy of the data using the return media of your choosing.

R3 can give you a complete solution for your Hyper-V data recovery as well as server repair.


If your Hyper-V system fails, contact our team of experts at 0800 999 3282 for immediate help and assistance.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I lost my data after inadvertently deleting my hard drive instead of my wife’s micro SD card in her phone. This was late at night after putting in some serious hours so I can only assume I was over tired and not really thinking. I right clicked the drive I thought was my wife’s card, it asked if I wanted to format it, I said ok and renamed it. A few seconds passed and I took out the SD card put it in the phone and the photos were still there. It took me a few moments to realise what I had done. When I went to the drive that held ten years work there was nothing there and it was renamed.

I went drip white I could hardly breathe… My wife came in asking what was wrong I explained that I had deleted the hard drive and lost everything not just photos, contracts, books I wrote, manuals for my company, all the history of everything I had ever done.

I quickly Googled data recovery whilst my wife found my friend Jack Daniels, there were a few that came up some saying they were 24 hours, when I rang no answer. I came across R3 Data Recovery and they said they were 24 hours, I rang and a real person answered my call. The chap I spoke to calmed me down, asked what I had done and what I had done after. I had the insight to not try and do anything myself as well as do nothing else to the drive. He told me they have great success and a good track record. I explained to him that right now I had lost anything so any data recovery would be better than none.

I have now had the drive back for a week or so and I have not found any of the work that is missing. I have lost my honeymoon pictures, however I may have these on disc somewhere. I estimate the data recovery is about 85%-90% successful. I know there are things missing but it has allowed me to carry on seamlessly without any major issues. I have as of yet to have really missed something. There was a bit of a glitch with the lead that when I connected the drive to the computer it told me the drive had malfunctioned. They organised a pick up the next day and within three days I had a new lead and the data was there. I think all in all even with the lead issue the returned my data within the ten days they said.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. Do not go for anyone else nor attempt anything yourself just call these guys and leave it with them, They kept me very informed and have done a cracking job I am amazed… they exceeded my expectations, thankfully.

Thank you R3 Data Recovery

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