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NAS Data & Disaster Recovery Services

If you have a NAS Storage device that has failed, the subsequent actions that you take could potentially have serious consequences for your data's integrity that is stored on your server currently and will severely limit the chances of your data being recovered successfully. R3 Data Recovery offers NAS data recovery services on all devices. We can recover your drive so that further data loss is prevented. Our engineers are able to work with all operating systems and file systems.

It is critical that unqualified individuals are not allowed to attempt a RAID rebuild or recovery. That is one of the most common causes we encounter for data damage as well as irreversible, permanent loss of data that is otherwise perfectly healthy.

How To Recover Your Data

For general queries, please give us a call. For situations involving more complex data loss, please fill out our technical enquiry form by clicking here. In addition, we provide international data recovery services for clients located outside of the UK. We offer quick turnaround, competitive rates and advice on how your media should be packed.

We frequently can rebuild and regenerate our RAID and begin on the data recovery process within one hour of receipt through the utilization of our emergency data recovery services.

Basics Of NAS

Network Attached Storage, or NAS, is a kind of data storage that can be connected easily to a PC network. Usually NAS units don't come equipped with a monitor or keyboard and just offer data storage services that are file-based. You can create these devices based on either using the Linux operating system drivers that are installed on a small computer or on dedicate chips (which are similar to a hardware RAID).

NAS units utilize a regular RAID for data storage, therefore it is susceptible to failures that RAIDs are typically subject to. However, actions that need to be taken for NAS failure that is caused by a failure of the storage system will vary depending on the type of NAS implementation.

NAS failures require immediate treatment. You need fast, secure results, and R3 offers the solutions you need to effectively maintain your network after any type of failure. Call us today at 0800 999 3282 to get started.

How To Use Dedicated Hardware For Recovering NAS

You can run NAS by its firmware and dedicated chip, instead of tailored Linux. As of 2010, this type of NAS is nearly extinct. However for sake of completeness, we have provided the notes below.

At times it is possible to swap the drives to the same device exactly. With RAID arrays, you need to be especially careful, since it is possible that a controller may not recognize the disks and might start initializing them. If that occurs you will end up losing data. RAID recovery software is another option you can use. It has the ability to reconstruct the RAID configuration. If that is case, the member disks you needed to be connect to any PC has that has a sufficient number of ports as well as start RAID recovery software such as ZAR.

How NAS Can Be Recovered Using mdraid/Linux

A majority of modern NAS units (such as those made by Netgear, Synology, or QNAP), are actually special purpose PCs. An Itnel Atom or similar kind of CPU along with a specifically tailored Linux installation for handling the RAID. Some components usually aren't found on regular PCs, such as LED arrays, and SATA hot-swap backplanes. However, the whole system closely resembles a regular PC. A PPC processor, ARM, or system-on-chip design might be used by some smaller scale NAS unit (those having two disk bays). However, Linux still controls them.

When the operating system chosen is Linux, it enables vendors to offer a feature-rich system inexpensively and quickly through utilizing existing Linux software (BitTorrent clients, Apache webserver, Samba, etc). This same choice determines the types of RAID in use as well. A Linux-based NAS unit likely uses the following:

  • standard mdraid drivers for providing the required RAID capability
  • ext4 or ext3 file system

Since standard software is utilized, the NAS unit disk set typically can be mounted easily on any kind of Linux system. After the disc have been connected with a Linux PC the command of "sudo mdadm --assemble --scan --assume-clean" will need to be types to see what will be brought up by Linux. This will provide you with a fast escape route in case the NAS fails.

However, the disc aren't supposed to be utilized outside of NAS. Therefore, no specific effort is made by vendors for designing a compatible storage system for a regular PC Linux. At times it can cause problems with reading data. For instance, the Netgear ReadyNAS units might utilize an ext3 file system that has a block size that can't be mounted onto an Intel x86 CPU (on account of differences in page sizes between ARM and x86 processors). This kind of system still would require data recovery for accessing the data utilizing a PC even when the RAID was fine.

There is another option if Linux isn't useful to you. There is data recovery software that can process mdraid records. Only correct metadata can be read by Linux, whereas data recovery software has been designed for handling damaged data. So trying some of them makes since. For instance, ZAR data recovery software is capable of automatically doing NAS recovery. All of the discs from your failed NAS need to be connected to a PC. Then click on the data recovery option.

Your Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is an essential element of your network. It stores crucial data for your users, and a failure can drastically affect the way your organization operates. If your NAS device fails, contact our team of experts at 0800 999 3282 for immediate help and assistance

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When my external backup drive failed I feared many years of documents were lost. Not only were the files recovered but presented back in their original folders so they could be easily reviewed and restored to my system. Sensitive documents were dealt with confidentially. Excellent timely service.

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