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NetApp NAS & SAN Data Recovery

Professional Data Recovery Services For NetApp Enterprise-Class Storage Devices

NetApp gives the user access to SAN and NAS devices of the highest quality, thanks to the popularity of their large data capacity storage and durability (an example is the NetApp FAS6000, which offers an incredible 1100 terabytes worth of storage). There are other NetApp device configurations on the market, such as the ones that are pre-configured to include built-in alerts and notifications for errors.

It is a rare occurrence to lose data on NetApp devices because of the built-in precautions. Regardless, you might need data recovery should files appear missing, there be hard drive failure or issues with the device's configuration that leads to server misbehavior, or the data be misread entirely.

We've put a lot of work into hundreds of these devices to provide the highest high recovery rates in the UK. This rate is higher because of the built-in professional features preventing errors by the user, along with having a higher redundancy level.

Procedures For NetApp Server/NAS Data Recovery

You can recover a great amount of NetApp servers by using a secure and remote Internet connection. Remote recovery is the preferable method, when it can be used, to our engineers that specialize in data recovery and our clients.

When connecting online at bit level, the engineers can fix the various type of corruption, fix some failures in the hard drives, and possibly fix issues with the configurations of the devices (despite that, devices that have failed will require replacement after going through the process of data recovery). The majority of the time, however, just a remounting of the device is all the NetApp NAS devices will need after recovery is complete, and this typically takes less than one day. In general, remote recovery is usually all that is needed to return a SAN or NAN device back to full functionality.

Both SAN & NAS failures require immediate action. You need fast, secure results, and R3 offers the solutions you need to effectively maintain your network after any type of failure. Call us today at 0800 999 3282 to get started with your unique case.

There are some rare cases where your servers may need to be recovered in the lab. The engineers will check every possible situation before they decide if in-lab recovery is absolutely vital to the process of data recovery, especially since we know that any downtime can be a massive pitfall in every server recovery job. Sometimes, on-site recovery for NetApp is a possibility, and we'll talk about the options that are out there to reduce costs.

When you're dealing with a situation like this, ship the RAID, NAN, or SAN devices have to a lab of ours. Advanced visualization is combined with the standard process of data recovery so that it mirrors the operating environment that the server was originally in.

We make clones of every hard drive to keep the process nondestructive. Every server job in-lab is expedited, and if there are extreme circumstances, then there may be 24/7 recovery available. All of the data is securely treated, and all steps are carefully taken for the the most efficient processing. There is a higher success rate with the recovery in-lab.

If you'd like to learn more or speak directly with our engineers, please call us at 0800 999 3282.

Error Messages In The NetApp

There are many messages that indicate errors like data loss in these NetApp devices. Each message shows up differently since it depends on the operating environment you're using.

One example is "The system cannot find the device specified," which may display if the NetApp NAS is unable to identify the media in Windows. There are other reason why you may see this message, so you should probably contact our NetApp support, especially if this only appears when using some programs.

Another one is "Failure of controller,” which means that it cannot boot properly because its controller is not functioning correctly. This differs from the message "Failback of controller" that means its controller has failed and resorted back to either another controller or previous settings; if this error message displays, then the device is still supposed to work (however, it may still require maintenance).

Many hard drives may fail at the same time, no matter what the server is, and while this is very rare, this is possible. If multiple devices start failing, turn off the power on the NetApp device until you can talk to an engineer in data recovery, and they tell you what to do next.

Getting Prepared For Recovery Of NetApp Data

Don't try to rebuild or initialize any NetApp server before talking to the engineer in data recovery because it may compromise the integrity of the data. Try collecting as many details on this failure as you can, along with server information that includes how devices there are, their capacities, file systems, logged error messages before the loss of data, and the operating system.

The process of data recovery can be very quick, but logging as many details as you can will help reduce the costs and turnaround time. For immediate help and assistance call 0800 999 3282 and ask for one of our NetApp RAID Engineers to speak to directly.

What Our Customers Say About Us

When my external backup drive failed I feared many years of documents were lost. Not only were the files recovered but presented back in their original folders so they could be easily reviewed and restored to my system. Sensitive documents were dealt with confidentially. Excellent timely service.

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