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Enable Workforce Mobility Backups

The office for today's worker can be anywhere and their computing device can take many forms – from smartphones and tablets to home computers and roaming laptops. How can you safeguard your corporate data from the risk of data loss while also empowering your mobile workforce with the information access and sharing they need to be productive from ANYWHERE? Use your backup solution Here are 10 ways your backups can enable better employee productivity, in the office and on the road…

  1. Become Centered By backing up data up to a central location,sophisticated backup solutions can provide end users with the ability to find and restore files from any backup, on any client they are authorized to access, without requiring administrator intervention.This can be offered through a web console,mobile app or natively in Windows Explorer.

  2. Control Your Remotes With today's remote worker environment, advanced backup solutions will enable you to perform backup for users over HTTPs without impacting their day-to-day activities. Remote backup ensures that files created or edited on anydevice; including tablets and smartphones, are backed upa ndi ncorporated into the same enterprise backup and recovery infrastructure as files created on office computers. This expedites recovery, centralizes protection and improves operational efficiency.

  3. Offer Self-Service Self-service access gives power to your users and freedom for IT. It lets them directly browse or search and retrieve files and versions directly from a centralized repository – avoiding theb urdens and costs of involving a helpdesk while driving productivity by avoiding rework and waiting for IT assistance. Sophisticated solutions will offer ubiquitous access and edit capabilities via personal employee data clouds making file recovery instant and easy.

  4. Get Synchronized Through secure, automatic sync capabilities advanced backup solutions can enable access to important data on multiple client systems without a manual recovery step. Files between multiple laptop and desktop systems can be automatically updated based on user policies so that the most current versions are always available, regardless of the computer being used. This further secures the enterprise by eliminating external and public file sharing services that expose corporate data to risk.

  5. Share Nice Collaboration has quickly become a significant business process. Using a smart backup strategy, you can enable secure file sharing by sending a link to a centrally protected file to a colleague, either internal or external, over instant message or via email. This enables them to easily view any shared file on the web without having to mail it as an attachment, which is especially beneficial for sharing large files that simply can't be emailed efficiently.

  6. Create Personal Clouds Using this centralized approach, your backup solution can essentially deliver personal data clouds so that your employees can access, edit and upload their files while protecting content on mobile devices. These personal data clouds enable users to search, sync and share their content securely, while being protected by their corporate data backup policies.

  7. Encrypt It. While giving users the freedom to access data from anywhere on multiple devices, it's also critical that your backup solution supports encryption. It should offer remote wipe capabilities, along with the ability to encrypt data on the client device, in transit and at the data center. This will protect corporate data if a client device is lost or compromised, when data is traveling over non-secure networks and while it's stored.

  8. Automate Your Routines Even while you are delivering flexibility and access to users, you can remain in control by selecting a backup solution that will automate client backup routines. Policies and workflows should be customizable and deployable to multiple endpoints so that you can perform routine tasks such as auto- discovery of new desktops and laptops to automatically install backup agents for comprehensive protection.

  9. Discover More For many organizations, endpoint data can be a mystery of both risk and opportunity. By leveraging a sophisticated centralized backup solution to  protect client information, you can enable enterprise-wide search and efficient discovery for client data throughout the organization. Not only can users easily search their own files for rapid, self-serve recovery, IT, HR and legal teams can easily search employee data for rapid discovery of information related to corporate litigation, internal investigations, public information and audit requests.

  10. Be Insightful By using advanced backup technology to enable the mobile worker you can also empower your organization with the data insights that support informed decision making and operational excellence. With robust, built-in reporting analytics, backup solutions can support your goals to deliver IT as a Service, infrastructure cost planning, insight into operations and simplified compliance audits.

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What does a REAL data recovery lab look like?

How does a real data recovery lab look like

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