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QNAP NAS Data & Disaster Recovery

Expert Data Recovery Services For QNAP Desktop NAS Storage Devices

QNAP has received numerous awards for its network appliances that offer fast data transfer solutions for corporate data servers, media stations, and other applications.

The company provides highly redundant NAS devices, and their remote replication utilities make it possible for data to be copied off of an array quite fast. Due to this and other advances like RAID 1 & 5 AC & NC drive configurations for their business and home servers, QNAP’s NAS devices are considered extremely dependable.

However, just like with any other system out there, data loss is something that cannot be completely avoided even on QNAP devices, regardless of their level of redundancy. User errors, hard drive failure, and natural disasters are amongst some of the things that could lead to data loss or unresponsiveness. We at R3 provide professional and dependable data recovery solutions for every known type of QNAP device, and our recovery rates tend to be high because of the extent of experience we have when it comes to dealing with these systems. For more information or to get started, contact us on 0800 999 3282 today!

QNAP NAS Appliances Error Messages

Different error messages on a QNAP NAS appliance are usually a sign that the appliance is facing some issues, and are usually display through the appliance’s GUI software unless the appliance is completely unable to boot. Some of the most common error messages you might see include:

Moving failed. The destination-folder and the source-folder are the same

The fix to this is usually quite simple as the issue is related to how RAID is setup when the user is trying to copy data from one drive to another. If data isn’t visible when this error appears, it could be a sign of data loss. However, if data is still existent, the user can transfer it from the healthy drives to remote one using remote replication. It is important that this step is performed before any attempts to restore the system are made so that you can have a backup of your data whenever errors occur.

Default network shares (Qmultimedia, Qusb, Public) do not exist. Consider reformatting your SATA disk.

This error, which is displayed in the GUI, often appears after a rebuild has failed. It normally means that an error during the rebuilding process led to the loss of some or all of the information or data in the disk due to configuration issues. For example, it could imply that blank data/information was copied to healthy drives and data on the RAID wasn’t copied to the replaced /new hard drive.

The good thing is that in some overwritten data cases, data recovery still can be performed, especially if the device’s file tables were overwritten but the files remained intact. If you think that data was overwritten, then it is important that you shut down your QNAP device immediately and contact QNAP’s customer support or call 0800 999 3282 for professional data recovery solutions.

The LED lights on QNAP devices are also important as they could indicate overheating, hard drive failure, and other issues. It is important that you keep an eye on how QNAP device’s LED lights are lit before getting in touch with a professional data recovery professional.

The Data Recovery Process For QNAP Devices

Considering that all devices are not the same, our data recovery technicians work hard to develop unique recovery plans for each of the devices brought to us. We consider the restoration of NAS appliances a priority and expedite every case as we understand how downtime can affect progress when dealing with storage or server device failure. We offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week in-lab work for the most mission-critical cases.

Your QNAP’s hard drives are sent to one of our state-of-the-art recovery labs, where skilled technicians work on reviving damaged drives to bring them back to functioning state. To ensure that every stage of the process is non-destructive and that all your data is safely stored, we create clones/copies of your hard disks.

Unlike other companies in the business, all our locations provide full-service. When you pick R3 to work on your server, it receives immediate attention from one of our engineers in a fully-certified laboratory. We never outsource our services and take stringent measures to make sure that a qualified and professional RAID specialist with QNAP experience works on your server.

Corruption of NAS devices is inevitable, especially after multiple hard drive failures. When this happens, we work on reconstructing your device using our unique in-lab virtualization technology, which allows us to create copies of your requested data on a return medium. The great thing is that all recovered files are accessible, and should read and function normally. Copies of the data we recover for you are temporarily stored in our laboratory until the client (you) confirm them. This helps prevent against potential issues and makes it easier to safeguard your data/information during shipping.

Once you have confirmed the data, we securely destroy all the copies we have in our laboratory using DoD (Department of Defense) standards. Each case is double-checked by one of our head engineers before the data is shipped to minimize turnaround time, ensure consistency, and to make sure that your data gets to you as soon as possible.

In some cases, remote data recovery is possible. However, the possibility of this being done is evaluated on a case by case basis. It is important to note that remote recovery isn’t possible when a hard drive’s failure exceeds the protection of your NAS device’s redundancy. For more information about remote recovery, contact one of our engineers on 0800 999 3282.

Supported Options When It Comes to QNAP Data Recovery

We at R3 currently offer data recovery solutions for every QNAP device available.

While QNAP introduces new storage devices/appliances regularly, including enterprise-level NAS devices, we at R3 offer complete services and solutions for all RAID systems irrespective of the model number, operating system, number of drives, the size of the system, or any other factor. If your QNAP device is not listed here, then please get in touch with us on 0800 999 3282 today.

QNAP Data Recovery Tips

Accidentally overwriting data on a QNAP SAN and NAS device is entirely possible. As such, when you see signs of data loss, shut down your device immediately and do not attempt to replace any of the drives unless you have contacted either an R3 engineer or QNAP’s customer support.

It is advisable that you gather as much information as possible about the nature and possible cause of the failure. This includes any error messages you may have received, information about the device (operating and file system, the number of drives installed, etc.), and any symptoms your DAS or NAS device displayed before failing. As QNAP devices/appliances sometimes allow the user to mount different size hard drives, gathering and providing this information can be quite helpful.

Get in touch with an R3 engineer as soon as you can. When your QNAP device shows signs of failure, it is important that you seek professional help as soon as possible as delaying to do so can limit the success rate of data recovery, and could raise the overall cost of services and extend the turnaround time. We can complete most QNAP cases in about 3-5 days on a standard services basis. For clients seeking faster results, our Emergency and Priority services can provide them the data recovery solutions they need in about 1-2 days, or even less. When you get in touch with one of our engineers, you will be guided through the setup process, and this is where we will give you shipping instructions for your drives.

We understand the severity of data loss, especially when it comes to storage appliances, and that is why we do our best to ensure that our data recovery process is easy, fast, and simple for our clients.

What Our Customers Say About Us

An external hard drive had failed at a critical time and there was potential loss of an extensive photo collection. The drive was sent to R3 who quickly were able to recover the data with a minimum loss of data and transfer to a new hard drive. Although the cost is not cheap I am pleased to recommend the service provided.

Brian Hargreaves

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