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R3 Parts System and its Relevance

Here at R3 Data Recovery, we have hard drives delivered every day, all with their own issues and problems to be solved in order to access and recover the crucial data that is stored on them. A common issue at fault is media degradation but the more problematic issue is by and large mechanical failure.

A hard drive is entirely dependent on a series of moving parts, a spinning disk that's read by a moving arm with a magnetic head. Like anything with moving parts, it's not a question of if it will break, it's primarily a question of when.

Hard drives are susceptible to suffering what is called a head crash. This is where the head makes an abrupt contact with the platter and subsequently scrapes across it. This can be caused by a litany of things, from a power cut or surge, to physical damage, or in some cases a manufacturing defect. Therefore as data recovery is R3 Data recovery's main objective, it's useful for us to be as adequately prepared for this eventuality as possible when a job makes its way to the lab.

This is where our parts system can pay dividends in terms of how efficient we can be in recovering a mechanically failed hard drive. With other 10,000 used hard drives in our stock we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to having a readily available donor supply. For example when a hard drive is diagnosed as having a mechanical fault, we can source almost instantly for a compatible counterpart and hopefully with the skill of our engineers replace the damaged component or part.

Therefore breathing new life into an otherwise dead hard drive and giving us every opportunity to locate and recover the crucial data a customer needs as mentioned before. Sometimes we don't have a suitable donor and have to source externally online, but more often than not we can rely on the R3 parts system.

Without going into specifics of what we look for and how we determine if a donor is compatible and useful, The R3 parts system is a fantastic attribute that we possess, and with it co-existing with our fantastic database it is an extremely efficient partnership. And ultimately it enables R3 Data Recovery to continue doing what it does best, Recover data from damaged hard drives that most people think lost forever, and when the outcome is successful, leaves everyone involved happy and satisfied.

R3 Data Recovery is real lab that deals with real disasters each an every day. If you have a hard drive that has failed or any other data storage device, we are the people to contact. Call us today on 0800 999 3282 for immediate help and assistance.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I have recently used R3D to retrieve data from an external hard drive.

I called Andy at 11pm on a Saturday after my hard drive failed, he immediately ran through the symptoms and calmed my fears that all data was lost, but was honest that data recoveries are not always successful.

I required the data immediately as it was for a deadline the following Friday, the issue was I was based in London and the lab based in Sheffield.

After searching all data companies in and around London none would answer my call on a Saturday. In fact no one else would answer my call or say they could look at my case on the Sunday.

I took the drive myself to R3D and was very impressed with their facilities. Andy also explained the whole process and what they were doing at each stage.

Unfortunately the hard drive had a physical failure and needed to be rebuilt to have any chance of recovering the information.

After starting the rebuild at 4pm on the Sunday, Andy advised it would take him and his team until the morning to know if any information was recoverable - fantastic I thought. Andy and Mark got to work on my drive as soon as I left and by 10pm on Sunday they had retrieved almost the entirety of the information of my hard drive.

I cannot reccomend R3D highly enough, they are clearly experts in their field and have a passion for what they do. Through the whole process Andy kept me informed of progress and explained everything they were doing.

If you have a crisis or any data recovery needs these are the guys you need!

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