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SAN Data & Disaster Recovery

Emergency Data Recovery Services For SAN Storage Devices

The SAN services of R3 were carefully developed through a combination of many decades worth of experiences, as well as ground breaking, outside of the box solutions and problem solving and nothing but the absolute highest standard of quality you'll find anywhere in the industry. Every SAN (which stands for storage area network) is dependent upon physical media when it all comes down to it, and the sad reality is that machines will eventually fail in some manner.

If the situation arises where you have multiple disks failing at the same time, an awful lot can be lost, including e-mail servers, databases, and all manner of highly important files. R3 is fully devoted to making sure you never have to face such dire circumstances.

The big advantage of having a SAN is unlimited shared storage access, but it has a downside in that it can open up several vulnerabilities. SAN failures on multiple levels can leave you kissing your database access goodbye, and even your boot config data could be compromised. You definitely want a team of experts on your side if your SAN happens to fail. A SAN specialist can retrieve data that may have been lost otherwise, and they can do it quickly enough to save you from a major setback.

If you would like to speak to a technician who specializes in SAN data recovery, call 0800 999 3282 now.

SANs will crash; that's just their nature. That's true even when there are numerous levels of backup systems in place. Every time it happens, the loss of potentially important data is a huge possibility. The main faults that tend to cause SAN crashes and failures include the following:

  1. Physical Damage - SAN hardware is every bit vulnerable to the elements such as water, fire, and smoke as any other disk drive. SAN recovery specialists can still take a crack at recovering data on physically damaged hardware, despite what you might expect.
  2. Simultaneous Drive Crash - SAN hard disks seem to be particularly susceptible to failure when the system is under a lot of stress. In these scenarios, failures of multiple hard disks are very common.
  3. Software Corruption - Various forms of software is used to control SAN, both acting to coordinate and manage the storage devices. Incompatibility and other issues between the software and disks are sure to lead to system failures.
  4. Independent Hardware Failure - Storage media, servers, network switches, and a wealth of cables make up SAN systems. If there are any sort of physical issues or defects present, service can be interrupted temporarily if not brought down altogether.

Given how much that can go wrong, it's important to have a strong plan in place should SAN failure come knocking at your door. Having the services of a team like R3 at your disposal can really help you get out of a jam. There's no reason to leave it up to chance; with the proper precaution and consultation, you can make sure your data is protected for good.

If your SAN happens to fail, contact our team of experts at 0800 999 3282. Our skilled professionals will be able to reliably recover data on your SAN and provide industry-leading turnaround times which give you the confidence that's necessary to develop a solid, effective recovery plan.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I have used R3 Data Recovery for the second time now in the last three years and have been exceptionally impressed from start to finish both times; from loosing all data from a failed usb memory stick to receiving an email stating all list of data had been recovered all within a few days.

Once I made the enquiry to R3 Data Recovery making them aware of my troubles; they organised the failed memory sticks collection by courier, got it back to their lab and got straight on with locating my lost data. On this second most recent occasion the file list was copied through to my email account following on with a file upload where I had difficulties installing and accessing the files to continue working on.

I made contact to a staff member called Andy at R3 data Recovery stating I had difficulties but after linking through the “Team Viewer” programme; in no time at all was my data file successfully uploaded and all files were accessible.

A true honest company that I will be strongly happy to recommend and would happily make contact with them if I face another major issue!

Thank you to all of you at R3 Data Recovery.

Leon R

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