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Synology RAID Data & Disaster Recovery

Data Recovery Services For Synology RAID Storage Systems

If something has gone wrong with your Synology NAS data system, the engineers at R3 are the people to call for recovering your data. Our hardworking recovery teams regularly complete jobs in record time thanks to the fact that they have decades of built up knowledge about every type of RAID system. This is especially important in an emergency – R3's rapid recovery services can get you fast results and dramatically decrease your downtime.

R3 can also perform remote data recovery services or perform on site service at the location of your enterprise. The areas that R3 specializes in include Synology RAID systems that have suffered physical damage, critical failures in software, or multiple HDD failure.

If you would like to speak to a technician who specializes in Synology RAID data recovery, call 0800 999 3282 now. You can also fill out our online form to be provided with your free estimate.

Disaster and Catastrophe Data Recovery for Synology RAID Systems

Synology RAID systems help thousands of business worldwide deal with their large scale data storage needs. In total, Synology controls 13.4 percent of the global large scale data storage market – the only companies that sold more large scale data storage units were Netgear and QNAP.

The reliable and stable service that is provided by top rated Synology RackStations and DiskStations models is suitable for any level of storage for both home, small business, and enterprise users. Many RackStations ship with standard RAID configurations already set up, which helps you get on your feet faster, and RAID storage options are available on all products that have multiple HDD trays.

No disk based storage device is entirely fault tolerant, though, not even with the distributed parity protocols and mirrored block redundancy that RAID 5 configurations bring to the table. Both rebuild errors and component failure can lead to errors and data corruption in Synology NAS systems.

The Most Common Causes of Data Loss in Synology DiskStations and RackStations

  • Malfunction of Server Hardware: Most Synology NAS systems use one power source to power the entire system, although high end RackStations use multiple power sources to provide redundancy. Power supplies are not the only critical point where failure can lead to system shutdown, however, and any component may fail unexpectedly, which puts data at risk.
  • Malfunction of Software: System errors and corruptions can develop in DiskStation Manager, which is the proprietary operating system that ships with all Synology servers. Additionally, software failure or even malicious hacking can occur in older versions of the DiskStation manager software that are not properly protected.
  • Accidental Damage: Data loss can also result from misconfiguration during RAID disk rebuilds, which is usually the result of human error.

Home, Small Business, and Enterprise Data Recovery for Synology Systems

Specified and recommended usage levels and rates are the primary metric that Synology uses to classify its products. In order to properly serve homes and small offices, expanding small business, medium sized businesses, and large scale enterprises, Synology provides four tiers of DiskStations and RackStations.

Not only does R3 offer competitive pricing for its data recovery and repair services, our engineers are also proficient in repairing and recovering data from every Synology product. The services that R3 provides offer a fast solution to NAS data loss, whether the goal is repairing and recovering a home network or keeping the operations of a multinational enterprise online.

If your Synology NAS happens to fail, contact our team of experts at 0800 999 3282. Our skilled professionals will be able to reliably recover data on your SAN and will provide industry-leading turnaround times which give you the confidence that's necessary to develop a solid, effective recovery plan.

What Our Customers Say About Us

The inevitable happened and a CF card failed when I was filming a wedding. 3 companies told me the card had not recorded any info and that the footage was not recoverable. Someone mentioned R3 Data and I thought I’d give it one last attempt.

The service was second to none. They sent a courier to collect my card (the other companies had never physically seen my card) they kept me up to date with the process throughout and managed to return all the corrupt files intact. To be able to tell the bride all has been saved was a feeling I’ll never forget and I’ll happily use R3 again (thought hopefully not to soon).

Daniel Yates

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