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Timestamp Data Recovery Case Study

Data Extraction Secure House Data Recovery Lab
  • Saturday 29th July 8:28PM - Client Made Contact
    The client (fashion photographer) made contact with our director and owner Andy Butler over the phone in hysterics, Andy managed to calm the client down and got an explanation of what had happened and gave a possible prognosis. He quoted a price for recovery on an emergency service (normally 12 to 48 hours after arrival at our lab).

  • Sunday 30th July 10:13AM - Client Accepted
    Client booked an emergency flight home scheduled for the next morning.

  • Monday 31st July 5AM-7:20AM - Client flew to London from Portugal
  • Monday 31st July 7:45AM-10:30AM - Client boarded train to Sheffield
    Client boarded train straight to Sheffield, once at Sheffield train station, they were taken straight to the R3 Data Recovery Lab by Taxi.

  • Monday 31st July 11:18AM - Received
    Client delivered drive in person to the lab, was scanned and booked into the labs database and passed straight through to the engineers.

  • Monday 31st July 11:30AM - Diagnosis
    Engineers performed a swift diagnostic of the drive and identified that the drive needed a mechanical rebuild.

  • Monday 31st July 11:40AM - Client advised
    The client was told of the diagnosis and how long the rebuild should take and the cloning process to follow.

  • Monday 31st July 11:42AM-12:10PM - Donor Sourcing
    Checked to see if we had the correct model in stock to use as a rebuild for the patient drive. Luckily we had so we didn't need to source an external donor. Once located and tested for compatibility, the donor and patient drive was passed for a rebuild in the lab's clean room.

  • Monday 31st July 12:15PM-12:28PM - Drive Rebuild
    The engineer swapped the platter and heads of the original drive with the working parts from the donor drive.

  • Monday 31st July 12:35PM-3:00PM- Cloning Process (Started/Finished)
    The rebuilt drive was immediately cloned to an image drive of equal or greater capacity, due to the amount of data on the original drive this took a few hours, but was completed successfully and file list was the generated from the image that the client was asked to verify. Once legitimised by the client the data transfer was started.

  • Monday 31st July 3:10PM-5:20PM - Data Transfer Process (Started/Finished)
    The data transfer from the image drive to the soon to be customers new RM drive which contained all the critical and essential data they required was complete. The customer left with the RM and returned to her work successfully.

If you suffer corruption of your data; on RAID servers, hard drives, laptops or even USB memory sticks, we can help you to safely recover your lost files. Experienced and qualified staff with over 30 years of experience. Call us today at 0800 999 3282 to get started with your unique case.

What Our Customers Say About Us

OMG I don't even know where to start! I lost all the pictures on my SD card as the card wouldn't mount and these guys were brilliant. Not only did they respond straight away to my enquiry (10:20 pm on a Friday night) they had someone at my house to collect the card at 10am the next day with a text message waiting for me at 14:00 that same day telling me that they had managed to recover all the data and that I would be able to download it from them that very night!

No hidden costs, super professional and they kept me in the loop the whole time. Thank you so much guys, I will be recommending you to everyone and anyone who needs help with their technology.

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