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R3 is a real data recovery lab in the UK

COVID19 From A Disaster Recovery Expert's Point of View

Data loss can happen at any time and can happen in the most unexpected ways. As long as your device hasn't been stolen (we're not that good πŸ™‚), we can recover your data from the most unlikely disasters.

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Excellent Service all files recovered,couldn`t have asked for more.

Peter from Marlborough, United Kingdom

Sometimes common sense gets lost when disasters happen. 😱

Keep calm and carry on was one of the Financial Crisis memes which I should have stuck to when I was injured, damaged and left a “deadman walking”. ⚑️

I took the wrong advice and was damaged even more.

I did manage to get help and fought back against the misinformation and deception building up my resistance and capacity to cope. βœ…

Beware of Panic Buying and Understand why it is important to manage national disasters in as calm and measured way as possible.

As a data recovery / disaster recovery lab Team R3 operate very much as a data recovery hospital. πŸš‘

This Youtube video explains very much why Security House and the FME lab rarely runs at above 50% capacity unless there are significant disasters like floods, power / grid outages, fire, earthquakes, malicious or accidental data loss. πŸ†˜

Working at full or over capacity means someone does not get the help they need when they need it. ❌

Despite floods, fire, ransomware and the #fieldsdatarecoveryscam we have built the capacity to cope. πŸ’―

So has the NHS. 🦠 Do not overload the system!

β€ͺWhether it is bacteria πŸ‘», viruses ☠️, malware πŸ‘Ή, ransomware 🀑, hackers πŸ‘Ύ, accident πŸ†˜ or calamity ⚑️ that causes data loss R3 are one of the few data recovery hospitals in the UK‬ that comes to the rescue when needed 24/7/366 in 2020. πŸš‘ For a quick consultation about your disaster recovery needs call us on 0800 999 3282.