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Help For Victims of Fields

Do you suspect you have been defrauded, scammed, misled, misrepresented or damaged by one of the websites listed below?

Join the queue! You are not alone – many do not realise how a free assessment can become a nightmare.

Andy and the Team at R3 are also affected having to compete with fake pricing, fake technical reports and the attempts by the Fields Group to use "sector domination" to dominate the online market.

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Success Stories from the Victims After Being Scammed by Fields

Andy and his team literally SAVED MY (professional) LIFE!!!!!

I contacted Andy in a moment of complete despair, after receiving an expensive and detrimental service from an untrustworthy company (Fields Data Recovery UK).

Andy was extremely supportive and patient. I was out of control and lacking faith on anyone after my horrible experience. I bombed him with questions at any time, putting him on high pressure (unintentionally, sorry). Andy was always prompt to answer exhaustively to every concern I had. His engineer - Lucio - went with me through every single data I had in my drive, making a detailed ranking list of the priority data.​

They worked late nights and over bank holiday weekend, on a highly damaged HHD. The work was extremely risky but eventually they managed to get to an almost full recovery of the whole HHD content (>500GB) and FULL RECOVERY OF ALL MY PRIORITY DATA!!!

I will be grateful to this amazing team for ever. Thank you thank you thank you!

Giulia Rampone

I can only say that the service I received from R3 Data Recovery was fantastic. They have an extremely calm professional approach rather than the hard sell take your money artists which I will explain first.

I had previously sent my drive to another company Rapid Data Recovery who took my money up front, much more than they advertised, and after a week they declared it was impossibly to recover the data. They wanted to throw the disc out but I asked for it to returned which it was. The cover wasn't on the disc and there was a rattling sound coming from inside. I was not impressed.​

I contacted Andy Butler at R3 Data Recovery who offered to have a look. When they received the disc they reported they opened it up and found a loose screw in the platens and a fingerprint inside. This was not the clean room hotel I had been promised and this just confirmed that Rapid Data Recovery were a bunch of scam artists. NEVER USE RAPID DATA RECOVERY ( If there is a reference website I would be happy for this advice to be posted on).

Back to R3 Data recovery. Their service was excellent. They kept me up to date. I was not in a hurry and they took their time to work on my disc when time was available. There task was more difficult because of the abuse the disc had received in the hands of the RDR bandits. Then I had the good news that they had managed to recover most of my family photos. What excellent news. The cost was more than I had expected but I felt my problem had been treated very professionally and I would recommend R3 DATA Recovery to anyone.

I hope this of assistance when choosing who to use.

Nick Atkins

My external hard drive was damaged and all the video data belonging to a wedding I was on it. I sent it to Fields Data Recovery and paid £299 plus vat for them to recover it. After a few weeks and offered to dispose of the disc themselves. I refused to allow them to do this and asked them to return it to me. I then found an advert for R3DATA and thought I would them, more in desperation than hope.​

A few weeks later the news came back from them them that they had managed to recover all the data. I have since had my money returned from Fields after threatening legal action against them.​

If you have a damaged external hard drive I would recommend that you contact R3Data first. They are not the cheapest but you will get excellent service from them.

Jim Geddes

R3 Team deliver successful recovery of data even when declared unrecoverable by other companies. Andy and the team at R3 help those told there is no hope. R3 are more rapid and have the highest success rates in the fields of UK data recovery. Call us today at 0800 999 3282 or click here to fill out our FREE, no-obligation diagnositcs form for immediate help and assistance.

What our customers say about us

A 1TB hard drive failure with many valued photographs led me to R3. Very impressed with their calm professional approach, rapid courier collection and excellent ongoing email updates with full data recovery. Price? Well, what price memories? Highly recommended.


What does a REAL data recovery lab look like?

How does a real data recovery lab look like

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