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Recovering Data From Failed SSD

When picking a storage device for a laptop or PC do you go for:

  • 🏎 speed,
  • 🚚 capacity,
  • 🦾 vibration knock resistance,
  • 🔒 security
  • 🪐 longevity
  • 💰 price

or recoverability 😎

One of the main problems with data storage is not that they can fail or be damaged - it is that the backup is not done, fails or a cloud backup goes awol.

As the anticipated increase in SSD coming into the lab plays out there are some interesting findings.

SSD coming in for recovery

  • 👉 Nearly Full
  • 👉 Very Degraded - Inaccessible
  • 👉 Many have backups
  • 👉 Few have had Firmware Updates

Often solutions lag months behind release of a revision.

Very few data recovery labs have the experience or resources to solve SSD Data Recovery problems.