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Virtual Machine Data & Disaster Recovery

Expert Data Recovery Services For Virtual Machines and Virtual Systems

R3 is an experienced team that offers virtual machine repair and data recovery services as well as a number of other services to help you avoid downtime and data loss. If you cannot retrieve data from your virtual machine because of a system crash or data corruption, then get in touch with R3 and see how we can help.

File systems for virtual machines are quite challenging to work with. Many standard data recovery tools cannot work with VMFS systems. To be in with a chance of recovering data from a crashed virtual machine you will need to find someone who has a lot of experience with failed VMFS.

The Most Frequent Issues With Virtual Machines

  • Corrupted files
  • Environmental damage that causes hardware failure
  • User error
  • Failure of error notification mechanisms
  • RAID Controller issues
  • Logical issues and data corruption

At R3 we take pride in offering virtual machine data recovery for both single disks and RAID Arrays. We have our own proprietary utilities for rebuilding and restriping VMFS data, and these can allow us to get faster results for the people we work with.

We offer a free diagnostic service, and will give you a no obligation quote as well as an estimate for the repair time. If you are happy with our quote, then we will carry out the service for you, and we offer a no recovery, no charge service as our standard guarantee, so get in touch today if you have data you are hoping to save.

What to Do if Your VM Fails

If you have a virtual machine that has failed then it is important that you get it looked at immediately. Do not attempt to run recovery programs on a device that has suffered catastrophic failure. There is too much risk of you doing lasting damage to the data – incorrect use of recovery tools can make data issues worse.

Make a note of any error messages that you see and call a recovery engineer. Power down the system, and wait for the experts to arrive to take a look at it.

We will be happy to take a look at your systems, and we offer good turnaround times, so we can help you get started with repairing your data. We are one of the only companies in UK with a 24/7/365 service for emergency data recovery. We can do single-day recovery in a lot of cases (depending on the severity of the fault) and we offer a secure service too. We take pride in having the highest success rate in the UK.

Our advanced technologies are operated by certified virtualization specialists and we are always investing in new tools, systems and research to improve our data recovery. We have an ISO 3 Cleanroom which we use for repairing damaged physical media, and we have powerful software to help with other issues that can cause data loss.

Our risk-free diagnostics will give us an indication of whether we can recover your data or not – and you are under no obligation to use the service.

If you want to know whether we can help you or not, give us a call today to discuss your data recovery, diagnostics and security needs.

Trust your virtual machine to UK’s leading virtualization experts. The R3 team has successfully performed repairs in hundreds of real and simulated scenarios, and our focus on research translates to real results. Our skilled professionals will be able to reliably recover data from your server.

If your VMWare system fails, contact our team of experts at 0800 999 3282

What Our Customers Say About Us

The inevitable happened and a CF card failed when I was filming a wedding. 3 companies told me the card had not recorded any info and that the footage was not recoverable. Someone mentioned R3 Data and I thought I’d give it one last attempt.

The service was second to none. They sent a courier to collect my card (the other companies had never physically seen my card) they kept me up to date with the process throughout and managed to return all the corrupt files intact. To be able to tell the bride all has been saved was a feeling I’ll never forget and I’ll happily use R3 again (thought hopefully not to soon).

Daniel Yates

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