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Fields Data Recovery Partner Program - What's Behind The Scene

Data loss can happen at any time and can happen in the most unexpected ways. As long as your device hasn't been stolen (we're not that good 🙂), we can recover your data from the most unlikely disasters.

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Excellent Service all files recovered,couldn`t have asked for more.

Peter from Marlborough, United Kingdom


Ads using fake claims of 97% and 98% success rates is nothing new.

But in some cases it can turn into a disaster recovery when Fields negligently or deliberately damage drives to prevent other companies doing a recovery or making a profit.

It is impossible to compete against a scam eapecially one that can hack Trustpilot reviews and has 100 SEO, Social Media and Pay Per Click marketing experts.

I can expose it. But I should not have to.

According to a linkedin Post last year there are 9000 partners of Fields Data Recovery.

How many do not know they are a Fields Partner until they receive their partner login and password?

Some have unwittingly contributed to the data theft and frauds operated to achieve “sector domination by unrelenting growth” even “successful recoveries” are not as good as they should be.

How many have been told that the data was unrecoverable when in fact it was fully recoverable and after paying allow their drives to be recycled?

How many when rejecting a much higher price are told that no one else will be able to recover their data?

Worse how many figured out how the Fields Scams work and sign up for the chance to make money or steal data?

Then consider how consumers or SMEs are misled by a Google search, DuckDuckGo or Microsoft Advertising.

Fields domination of pay per click ads are part of the UKDS marketing practices also used for Endeavour Law, Quickie and Managed Divorce.

Google and Microsoft profit from these Ads and are aware of how they are used but do nothing.

I have been helping victims of the #fieldsdatarecoveryscam every week for over 14 years but it is impossible to compete against the Fields Groups Ltd market domination which is underpinned by victims of document spooling eBook marketing businessmen.

The scam is effective because of misinformation and the use of “Sector Domination by unrelenting Growth” practices of its owners Dr Jamie Hamilton Wallis, Certified ethical hacker and Member of Parliament for Bridgend with his father “Professor” Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis the UKs foremost computer forensics and fox hunting expert witness to the courts known for lying, bribery and conspiracy to concoct evidence mulcted.


Originally Fields dominance was achieved using 4 websites using PPC and 35 fake review websites.

A fake comparison website was also diverting enquiries to them through their google partnered website marketing UK Digital Solutions Ltd aka UKDS dot net.

Today Fields Associates markets under several names in several countries.

In the UK

  • Fields Data Recovery
  • Rapid Data
  • Data Recovery Specialists
  • DataPhoenix


  • Clinique De Donnes
  • Budget Data
  • DatenPhoenix
  • Daten Klinik
  • Salvataggio Dati
  • Pronto Dati
  • Recuperacion Express
  • Clinica De Datos


  • Fields Data Recovery Canada


  • Fields Data Recovery LLC or Fields Data Recovery USA LLC