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Data loss can happen at any time and can happen in the most unexpected ways. As long as your device hasn't been stolen (we're not that good 🙂), we can recover your data from the most unlikely disasters.

USB Pen Drive Data Recovery

Memory stick recovery, broken memory stick repair and recovery of failed USB flash drives by R3 Data Recovery. We also recover files from media that has been accidentally formatted.

Using the very latest technology and recovery techniques we rescue data from every conceivable problem no matter what system your External Drive was connected to.

Operating Systems Windows, Apple MAC, Linux, Unix.

At R3 Data Recovery we have the ability to recover your precious data from many different scenarios. Whether you have accidentally deleted files from your device, dropped it, or even if the computer fails to recognise the device when attached, we have a solution for you. Our expertise in the recovery of solid state devices is unrivalled in the UK.

We are one of the few labs in the UK that can remove your storage chip and recover your data when your flash memory has completely failed.

USB flash drive repair service

There are many ways your USB Flash Memory can fail.

USB Device Not Recognised

Possibly up to 85% of all failures of all flash media appears to be when one minute your device is working perfectly - the next time you look the device either seems to lock up on you in mid use or appears completely dead! The device will be inserted into the USB port or card reader and you will either get:

The cause of this message is nearly always the failure of the "controller" - a small chip that lies on the internal board. This chip is extremely important and it writes data to the device from the PC or laptop, and also allows access to the internal storage chip (NAND).

Most people will assume that the device is in some way faulty and try to run software and will often download a programme from the internet. Unfortunately this is no help at all as the data chip, which is separate to the controller, is very often intact but unreachable due to the failure of this controller.

In these circumstances the only way to recover the data is to simply send the device to us as we have exclusive technology that allows us to read data from these chips.

Don't attempt to repair the device yourself, you simply cause more damage and run the risk of a non recovery. If you value the data on the device you will use a data recovery professional such as ourselves. Ring us on 0800 999 3282 to discuss your data recovery needs.

Broken USB Memory Stick

The second most common form of failure of a USB memory stick is when the device gets either bent, or the connector broken off. This is all to often a result of someone either dropping a laptop with the memory stick still inserted, or if the device is plugged into a desktop - knocking against it as you walk past.

If this should happen then you have an extremely high chance of getting your data back, statistically about 98-99%. Our skilled technicians can either repair the device or gain access to the chips on the internal board by fine rewiring and bypassing of the broken connectors.

In our opinion it is NOT worth attempting a repair yourself, very often people have rendered the repair process impossible by using the incorrect amount of solder or simply not having the required skills to complete the repair successfully. Our own electronics team recover devices like this all the time and have the expertise and tools to ensure your valuable data is recovered.

IT support companies and computer forensic investigators

USB Sticks are becoming a more popular means of keeping important data on yourself at all times, they are small and very portable and can be attached to car keys, hand bags, purses etc. However with them becoming more popular, companies are trying to find more ways of reducing production costs but at the same time attempting to generate more stock.

This is good for the company as they are producing more products at a lesser cost and selling them at the same cost price. Consequently this is bad for consumers that use them as the quality of the product is becoming worse as the demand increases.

Companies are using cheaply manufactured controller chips and In some cases including what we have seen here at R3 the NAND chip is actually a re-used SD card that has been soldered onto the PCB to act as a NAND chip to again cut costs for the company manufacturing the storage device.

Less time is also spent soldering on these cheaply manufactured devices so they are more prone to failure than normal as they have not been manufactured in the correct method. At R3 we have to reverse engineer the device so we can work out how the device works and if we can recover the data.

The demand for these devices is ever increasing, and the fact that some companies are trying to cut the cost of the production for these devices to increase their profit is going to end up with more of them failing and people potentially losing critical data.

Our recommendation would be to back up any storage device to another storage device and place this device somewhere safe and not use it unless needed.

Broken USB memory stick on repair at R3

Don't Risk Losing All Your Important Data

It is so important that you contact us so we can help diagnose the best and cheapest way forward. If you try to recover the data yourself you may cause further damage depending on the issue, which is why it is important you contact us as early as possible.

We provide outstanding customer support and continually update you as to the current status of your recovery.

We are not a reseller; you will talk to the technician who is performing your recovery!

If you have a failed or failing USB Stick or any flash device for that matter get advice and assistance from Andy and the team at R3. R3 Data Recovery is real lab that deals with real disasters each an every day. If you have any sort of problem with a USB flash drive or any other data storage device, we are the people to contact.

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