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Bridgend Data Recovery

Welcome to R3 Data Recovery Bridgend information page. Are you a victim of Fields Data Recovery Specialists - how would you know ? Get help and advice. We have helped many victims of the Fields Data Recovery scam reclaim their money and get their data back. Call 01656 47 8282 or freephone 0800 999 3282 to talk direct to Andy and the R3 team to get a cost and service level to meet your needs be it an emergency critical business emergency or a budget low cost solution. We are available 6am to 12 midnight with duty technicians able to respond to your enquiry.

Welcome to R3 Data Recovery Bridgend  page. Call 0165 647 8282 to talk direct to Andy and the team.R3 Bridgend Banner 0165 647 8282 AWe are available 6am to 12 midnight with duty technicians able to respond to your enquiry immediately if required by calling one of our contact numbers.

0800 999 3282 free phone from landlines and mobiles 079 3282 4264 (emergency data recovery )

We are here too help you get your data back as quickly and cost effectively as possible whilst offering the highest level of expertise and success rates in the UK at the lowest comparable cost.

The R3 Data Recovery team are made up of industry leaders with some having notched up 30 years since their first recoveries. We offer home users, businesses, corporations, charitable organisations and Information Technology companies in the Bridgend area access to the best data recovery technicians and a range of services designed to restore access to lost data, quickly and economically.

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We have various in lab and onsite service levels from business critical emergency 12 - 24, priority 48, 72 & 96 hour turnaround and standard 5-7 working day, with an 8-10 working day budget services for students and home users who need the best data recovery service at the best price.

These include:

AidenA-16  A competent company with passionate experts who bend backwards to help people.
I had a terrible experience with Fields Data Recovery who were misleading, negligent and took a substantial amount of money from me (that I'm still trying to get back) despite knowing that my MacBook hard drive was unsalvageable.

I got a second opinion and came across Andy from R3 Data Recovery conducted a review of Fields R&D Technical report issued by Fields Head of R&D and the communications with Fields Data Recovery Head of European Sales.

Andy confirmed with me that there has either been a very serious mistake in the ISO 9001 / 27001 processing of your case by Fields Associates or a deliberate and designed deception to take money under false pretense.

Andy is assisting with the refund and has been in communication with the Directors of Fields Associates and the local MP for Bridgend Dr Jamie Wallis who is the owner of Fields and one of the past experts in Fields Data Recovery still showing on the website.

Disclaimer: I have not been asked to leave this review.
We offer and our policy is to maximise the chances of recovery for all clients regardless of service level.

We also offer emergency data recovery services in Bridgend with a dedicated driver collection option within 60 minutes. Most of our services on a no data no fee basis

The R3 data recovery team prioritise success rates backed by by great customer service at a reasonable cost with over 100,000 successful recoveries and many where the data had been declared unrecoverable. Prices start at £79+vat for file recovery and £249+vat for failed hard drives, call R3 Data Recovery Bridgend on 0165 647 8282 for a free no obligation consultation / advice and upfront quotation.

The R3 Slogan is:         We Recover the Unrecoverable

You will be informed on any updates by either by email or personal phone call or you can call our dedicated Bridgend data recovery number on 0165 647 8282 or use the contact form.