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I am an Apple developer and I owe a massive thanks to R3 Data Recovery who saved my precious data when my Western Digital My Book 2 TB drive crashed on me. Welcome to R3 Data Recovery Carlisle information page. Call or freephone 0800 999 3282 to talk direct to Andy and the R3 team to get a cost and service level to meet your needs be it an emergency critical business emergency or a budget low cost solution. We are available 6am to 12 midnight with duty technicians able to respond to your enquiry.

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R3 data recovery was recommended to me after I had a major problem with data lost on a discarded hard drive. I had not backed up any of my data. R3 recovered data I needed and could not possibly have recovered without them.

Roy from Coventry, United Kingdom

Welcome to R3 Data Recovery Carlisle information page. Call 0122 890 0282 to talk direct to the R3 team.R3 Carlisle Banner 0122 890 0282 AWe are available 6am to 12 midnight with duty technicians able to respond to your enquiry immediately if required by calling one of our other contact numbers.  Dedicated emergency driver collection available.

0800 999 3282 free phone from landlines and mobiles 079 3282 4264 (emergency advice)

Helping you get your data back as quickly and cost effectively as possible whilst offering the highest level of expertise and success rates in the UK. R3 offer the best service at the lowest comparable cost.  Free DHL collection in the Carlisle area.

The team are made up of industry expertise developed over 30 years. Serving home users, businesses, corporations, charitable organisations and Information Technology companies.

R3 provides nationwide access to the best data recovery technicians and a range of services designed to restore lost data, quickly and economically. Free DHL collection in the Carlisle area.

We have various in lab service levels from business critical emergency 12 - 24, priority 48, 72 & 96 hour turnaround and standard 5-7 working day, with an 8-10 working day budget services for students and home users who need the best data recovery service at the best price. 

ShaneHogan  Simply the best!
I am an Apple developer and I owe a massive thanks to R3 Data Recovery who saved my precious data when my Western Digital My Book 2 TB drive crashed on me, which is why I decided to write this review.

Everything was smooth sailing from start to finish, for me anyway as I knew my drive would be in safe hands. Andy sent a courier to collect my drive which was promptly collected the following day, even though my second contact when I had finally made my decision to go with R3 Data Recovery was on a Sunday at very early hours, Andy emailed me back straight away as he was still working on another job, impressed, I was.

During the process I spoke to Mike on the phone for an update who informed me that they had to build a custom heat sink so the drive would stay on long enough to get the image from the drive and the heat dissipation was to prevent the motor bearing over heating due to friction as there were just short of 4Billion sectors on my drive and several million of those were bad. One of the worst they had seen, at least amongst their current batch of recoveries, and that even new heads would have struggled to improve the read times by a few percent, and that the only cause for this would be a head crash, most likely during power fluctuations or a knock or drop, pointing to slight spindle to motor angle change, all very technical stuff, again making me feel confident that I had made the right choice in choosing R3 Data Recovery.

While my drive was in recovery I was informed of every step of the procedure and also had a very nice courtesy email from Andy reassuring me that my data was in the process of recovery and that there was no need for concern, which was very much appreciated and went a long way to calm my peace of mind and as soon as the raw data image was on the recovery machine, Andy had the faulty drive couriered back to me so I could return the drive to WD for a warranty replacement, now that is what I call customer service.

The recovery did take a bit longer than expected, but considering the state of the drive this was more than acceptable and as soon as my data was recovered from the image and copied to the replacement drive, that was promptly sent back to me with all my data intact and safe, so all in all they sent me three couriers, and recovered every bit of my data, I have no clue how they did it and I really do not know what I would have done without their help, as it certainly would have been the end of my App development days for the foreseeable future.

I whole heartedly recommend R3 Data Recovery to anyone who is of need of data recovery, and would urge you to look nowhere else for the sake of your data and your sanity. In my humble opinion R3 Data Recovery are more than specialists they are genuine professionals.
Services include:

We offer most of our services on a no recovery no fee basis and our policy is to maximise success rates.

We also offer emergency data recovery services in Carlisle with dedicated driver collection within 60 minutes  With over 100,000 successful recoveries and many where the data had been declared unrecoverable the R3 team can handle any scale of disaster, be it a broken memory stick or a SAN with hundreds of VMs.

Prices start at £79+vat for file recovery and £249+vat for failed hard drives, call R3 Data Recovery 01904 390 282 for a free no obligation consultation / advice and upfront quotation.

We guide you through every step of the way, From the first phone call we will offer our opinions / advice and quickly identify the data loss cause and the best way to restore your data to you.

The R3 Slogan Is:         We Recover The Unrecoverable

The R3 team is here to help, we take great pride in achieving the highest levels of success rates first time every time. We take care of your data, through all stages of the recovery process.

You will be informed on any updates by either by email or personal phone call or you can call our dedicated Carlisle data recovery number on 0122 890 0282 or use the contact form.