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Doncaster Data Recovery

Welcome to R3 Data Recovery Doncaster information page. 0130 295 4282 or freephone 0800 999 3282 to talk direct to Andy and the R3 team to get a cost and service level to meet your needs be it an emergency critical business emergency or a budget low cost solution. We are available 6am to 12 midnight with duty technicians able to respond to your enquiry.

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Absolutely brilliant and bona fide company that does what is says in its company title. How important is your lost data to you??? Well if it means as much as it does to me and you are stupid enough to not have those back ups in place, then do not complain about the costs to recover them. Relatively speaking, was quite cheap considering there was 25 years worth of data recovered. I used my credit card on this failure on my part, but don't regret a single pound spent. Will and his team recovered the data from an old Linux system drive and put it onto a brand new one terabyte external hard drive for me ready to run under Windows. To all persons who need a reputable company and are trawling through various Google searches, this is the real deal and actually do their recovery on site. Hopefully you will never need to be in this situation, but if you do give them a call. Great interaction and regular updates throughout the process. Many thanks to all at R3 Data Recovery. John C.

John C

Welcome to R3 Data Recovery Doncaster information page. Call 0130 295 4282 to talk direct to Andy and the R3 team.

R3 Doncaster Banner 0130 295 4282 AWe are available 6am to 12 midnight with duty technicians able to respond to your enquiry immediately if required by calling one of our other contact numbers. Dedicated emergency driver collection available.

Local Drop Off Points for every town and city make it easy to send in your device for data recovery.  Call to get the Free Label sent out or to arrange Free Collection from a home or business address. - Ensure your device is well packaged . Email or call to get a Free No Obligation Quotation or in lab same day data recovery clinic assessment. 

0800 999 3282 free phone from landlines and mobiles  079 3282 4264 (emergency data recovery)

We are here to help you get your data back as quickly and cost effectively as possible whilst offering the highest level of expertise and success rates in the UK. R3 deliver the best service at the lowest comparable cost.

The R3 Data Recovery team are made up of industry leaders with some having notched up 30 years since their first recoveries. We offer home users, businesses, corporations, charitable organisations and Information Technology companies.

R3 provides nationwide access to expert engineers and a range of services designed to restore lost data  economically.

We have various in service levels from business critical emergency 12 - 24, priority 48, 72 & 96 hour turnaround and standard 5-7 working day, with budget services for students and home users.

 I was very impressed with the service R3 data recovery gave they managed to save all my data from a faulty raid 5 system. The only problem i had was with delivery via UPS who failed to deliver the drives back on time but other than that i would recommend R3 again to anyone. They can save your data life !!!
Thanks for the review Daren Your 3 Disk RAID 5 had suffered from a power failure outage causing two of the Samsung HD204UI to be degraded. This prevented the RAID Rebuilding itself with a new disk Fortunately these are a robust drive and all degraded sectors were recoverable:- Disk 3 cloned 0 unread sectors Disk 2 cloned 0 unread sectors worked through 5k Bad Sectors Disk 1 cloned 0 bad sectors worked through 120 Bad Sectors We were able to process the recovery promptly - UPS do on occasion have problems but generally they are OK - We do offer our dedicated driver collection or return for GDPR / Data Protection / security compliance. Glad we could be of service Andy and the team at R3

Services include:

They Managed to Save All My  Data From a Faulty Raid 5 System 1The R3 data recovery team prioritise success rates, providing great customer service with over 100,000 successful recoveries, many where the data had been declared unrecoverable the R3 team can handle any scale of disaster, be it a broken memory stick or a 48 drive SAN with hundreds of VMs.

Prices start at £79+vat for file recovery and £249+vat for failed hard drives, call for a free no obligation consultation / advice and upfront quotation.  free DHL collection In the your area.

The R3 Slogan is:         We Recover the Unrecoverable

The R3 team is here to help, we take great pride in achieving the highest levels of success rates first time every time. We take care of your data, through all stages of the recovery process.

You will be informed on any updates by either by email or personal phone call or you can call our dedicated Doncaster data recovery contact number on 0130 295 4282 or use the contact form.